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Robb Recommends: Zuvi’s Halo Hair Dryer Blows Over the Competition

Because you want dry hair, not damaged hair.

Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer Zuvi

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Truth be told, there aren’t many hair dryers I would recommend to guys. That’s because I don’t think you should be blow-drying your hair regularly—and it’s hard to convince people to invest in a high-quality device if they’re only using it every few days.

But Zuvi’s Halo, which debuted in the spring, is changing that—and in my experience, it’s worth every penny.

Most traditional hair dryers compromise your hair’s health for the sake of speedy drying and styling. They can damage the cuticles, significant moisture loss and even compromise your hair’s ability to retain moisture. But Zuvi’s drying method doesn’t just blow hot air around. It combines light and airflow to mimic the sun’s own ability to dissipate moisture. You know how things dry much quicker in the sun than in the shade? It’s like that.

Unlike the sun, however, it does so without the impact of intense heat. Zuvi doesn’t fry your hair or scalp in the process; it dries at 111 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the 140 degrees most others hit. And while even the best hair dryers on the market can dry your hair from the inside out, the way Zuvi moves air primarily dries the exterior of your hairs, leaving moisture locked inside. In terms of smoothness and shine, this is basically a magic wand.

What I’ve noticed is how quickly the process goes, and how healthy and smooth my hair feels after the fact—even on the occasions I’ve tested it without a heat-protecting product. (Typically, you want to coat your hair in protective oils, lotions, or sprays to fortify the cuticle and brace for moisture retention. It’s up to you to keep using it with Zuvi—I say always use protection—but you’ve already eliminated the biggest threat by swapping out the hot traditional dryers.)


Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer attachments

The Halo comes with three attachments to optimizes results for curly hair and sensitive scalps.  Zuvi

And even if you’re a first-time hair dryer, this one is simple to figure out. Three attachments deliver different concentrations, brakes and distributions for airflow, and the button navigation offers five different modes: Care (for lowest intensity), Fast (for even higher gusts), Soft (gentler force and light for sensitive types), Style (focused heat, to accommodate attachments), and Cool mode (activated by holding down the Mode button, to lock in the style with cold air). I mostly keep it on Care until I need to lock in a style, then I switch over to Style and Cool.

But as friendly as the device is to the planet, it may be even friendlier to your hair. Its makers claim it’s 2.5 times more efficient than other hair dryers, consuming 690 watts of energy compared to 1700 from the traditional lot. If you used it every day for five minutes for a single year (in place of a traditional dryer), you would save the equivalent of 31 lbs. of coal and 60 lbs. of CO2. And when it comes to your hair health, you save yourself a lot of split ends, frying and internal moisture loss. I can’t recommend it enough.

Buy Now (Zuvi): $349

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