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Robb Recommends: This Day Cream Was Designed to Help Your Skin Thrive in Winter Weather

Omorovicza's new Cushioning Day Cream might just earn a place on your shelf in the spring and fall, too.

Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream Omorovicza

Welcome to Robb Recommends, a regular series in which our editors and contributors endorse things they’ve tried and loved—and think will change your life for the better. If we wouldn’t recommend it to friends or family, you won’t see it here. If you purchase a product or service through a link in this story, we may receive a small commission.

Budapest-based Omorovicza has sprung a thorough anti-aging assortment around the thermal, therapeutic waters native to Hungary. The luxury brand’s latest product, Cushioning Day Cream (which launches this week), is perhaps my favorite to date—and that’s saying something.

For me, Omorovicza has always been a nighttime skincare dream. The brand’s Rejuvenating Night Cream and Midnight Renewal Serum are products I call on to help my skin repair at hyper-efficiency while I sleep. I kept the brand in this position within my regimen, instead of considering daytime deployment as an added defense. (In my defense, I test hundreds of products, and for any reason tend to prefer daytime SPF-packed moisturizers.)

But now we’re in the dregs of winter, which drain every bit of moisture and buoyancy from my face—especially in this late-January through late-March doldrum. And, right on cue, enter the arrival of Cushioning Day Cream to my doorstep. I am not one to waste a dollop of Omorovicza, so I swap out my go-to daytime SPF (yes, we should all wear SPF every day, year-round), and swap in this product, layered over an SPF serum from Supergoop. When they tell you it’s firming and cushioning, well, that’s an understatement. It tightens and lifts and plumps—there’s an instant tautness, paired with an invigorating, calming scent. I certainly don’t mind those “mmm, your face smells nice” compliments from my partner.

Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream

Thick but not oppressively so, Omorovicza’s new day cream has a winter-ready texture and benefits that last for hours.  Omorovicza


And best of all is the brand’s deft hand at incorporating anti-aging ingredients: Cushioning Day Cream packs two types of microalgae, one that defends against toxins, pollutants and the likes, and another that prevents internal stress-induced damage to the skin. Marine plankton stimulates the production of collagen and elastin works to prevent fine lines and loss of firmness over time. Lastly, this stuff clocks in a full day’s work, since the experts at Omorovicza have formulated it to create little “micro reservoirs” of moisture upon application, which steadily release throughout the day. So, you needn’t worry about midday dehydration or reapplication, since your moisture barrier is adequately equipped. Again, it’s one you can feel all day, but not in an occlusive way—your skin won’t feel void of its defenses by lunchtime.

To that note, and as an oily-skinned, super sweaty individual, I must add that it hasn’t suffocated my pores like I had worried—that’s my nighttime Omorovicza bias popping out—so I foresee this stuff getting used from September through June. It is definitely on the denser side, but it’s nothing like the oil-infused night cream I frequently wear to bed. Come summer I’ll probably switch to a supremely lightweight SPF . And who knows, maybe it’s time I give their much-adored Balancing Moisturizer a try in those sweltering months, paired with the same SPF serum. If I trust Omorovicza with my most imperative skin repair and rejuvenation needs, there’s no reason I shouldn’t trust them with my daytime defenses, too. Cushioning Day Cream has convinced me.

Oh, and while I’ve got you, let’s all nail down the brand’s name: It’s pronounced o-mor-o-VEET-sa. Say it with reverence.

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