Robb Recommends: The Award-Winning Body Hair Trimmer That’s Worth the Wait

It's out of stock right now (thanks, supply chain drama), but it's worth holding out until it's back.

Panasonic GK80 Body Trimmer Panasonic

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As a grooming editor, I test dozens of new products and devices in a week, and usually have to pass them along to my friends, even if I like them. It’s the only way to keep them from piling up and, sure, it’s a nice problem to have. Call it a perk of the job. (And a perk of being a grooming editor’s friend.) But every few weeks, I fall in love with a product so deeply that it stays in rotation until it’s expired. Or, if it’s a device, it just sticks around until it’s kaput, allowing little wiggle room for a new favorite to emerge.

Panasonic GK60 Body Trimmer

The GK60, the author’s previous favorite trimmer, is still worth getting if you don’t mind a short trim.  Panasonic

One of these devices is Panasonic’s body groomer, the ER-GK60-S. This device was tailor-made for me: I’m extremely hairy, all over, and in particular want a smooth back without having to use an actual razor. This thing is so ergonomically friendly that it allows me to shave my own back without having to beg a friend or partner for an extra hand, and results in a barely-there stubble, akin to what you’d get from an electric shaver. But it’s the angled, vertical nozzle that makes all the difference—and along with a perfectly-distanced blade guard, this upright angle prevents nipping and cutting in other places, like the groin and armpit. My one complaint was that I wanted slightly more than the three short length options with its standard guards; thus, I didn’t use it on my chest, in favor of a beard trimmer I substitute for that task. (I like to keep a hairy chest, albeit trimmed to a centimeter or so.)

So, when Panasonic sent over its newer body groomer last year—an updated version of the one I love—I hesitated to take it out of the box. Mine was still working perfectly, so what difference could the new device make?

But, as is my job, I did give it a spin, and now I have to live with the guilt that I found a body groomer I love even more. This new model, the ER-GK80-S tackles everything—even the awkward-crevice tidy-ups—just as well as the original (thank goodness). But it’s like they heard my wishes with the more customized trimming lengths, too: this one has 20 cutting length adjustments in half-millimeter increments. So virtually whatever length you like to wear your body hair, this thing can be customized accordingly. (I’m not the only one who appreciates the update: this thing won a Red Dot design award.)

Here’s the caveat: Primary retailers like Amazon are often sold out of the newer ones. So, if you’re lucky, you might find the new model the ​​ER-GK80-S for its recommended retail price (roughly $100) instead of jacked up by sellers due to low inventory. Otherwise, I’d still highly endorse picking up my old favorite, the ER-GK60-S, for $70, especially if DIY back hair trimming is your primary concern. But if you want to maintain medium-length hair on your chest or elsewhere instead of trimming them short, I suggest holding out until the ER-GK80-S is properly stocked.

Buy Now (ER-GK60-S): $70

Buy Now (ER-GK80-S): $100

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