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The World’s First Fragranced Mask Spray Has Arrived to Freshen Up Your Face Coverings

The only-in-2021 grooming product you never knew you needed.

Scent for Good Scent for Good

We’ve all done it. Grabbed a favorite mask—or maybe one that matches your shirt perfectly—and recoiled slightly at the funky smell. Sure, the CDC recommends washing fabric masks after each wearing, but who remembers to do that? And no one wants a mouthful of Febreze. Now, this oh-so-2021 scenario has its own custom solution: mask spray. The ingenious idea is courtesy of Dawn and Samantha Goldworm, identical twin sisters who have been working as perfumers for two decades and who run their own consultancy, 12.29.

The Goldworms’ newest product is formulated with essential oils of fresh amber and clean musk, and should be spritzed on the outside of your fabric mask a few minutes before you intend to wear it. According to Dawn, two or three pumps should be fine. The idea came to the pair last summer, on a sticky day when their families were living together in the Connecticut countryside. Dawn says she noticed how musty her mask would smell, and how much she hated wearing it. Worse still, was that she felt she was often inhaling her own coffee breath too. Turning to her sister, she suggested they use their expertise to develop a fragrance product that would address a distinctly pandemic-era problem.

Scent for Good

Samantha (left) and Dawn Goldworm, the twin sisters behind 12.29 and Scent for Good.  Scent for Good

The duo aimed to combine notes that evoked the outdoors—the sky, the earth. “You don’t smell anything of the outside—anything around—when you’re wearing a mask, so this was about creating a sense of freedom,” Dawn explains. It’s not just beautiful, but functional, too: per CDC guidelines, the alcohol content of the mask spray is high enough for it to double as an effective surface sanitizer (the duo stresses it isn’t EPA-certified, though). The sisters’ newest idea is formulated expressly for fabric, but Samantha admits she also sometimes uses it on the inside of a KN95 mask, especially before a long flight. Just make sure to spritz it before wearing: The alcohol content is too harsh for most skin, and will be drying if it makes prolonged contact with your face.

The mask spray (30ml for $45) launches with a sister product, a high-end sanitizer (100ml for $30) under a new pro-social brand the pair is promoting: Scent for Good. It will nominate different charity partners to share in its proceeds—first up, New York’s Lower East Side Girls Club. It’s almost enough to make you want to wear a mask permanently.


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