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11 Stunning Jewelry Gifts for Maximalists, Diamond Devotees and Everyone Else on Your List

A selection of highly specific, instantly shoppable gifts for jewel lovers of all persuasions.

Eden Presley Aquaprase, Elmerite and Diamond Earrings; Harwell Godfrey Crux Pearl Pendant Eden Presley; Harwell Godfrey

The holidays are six weeks away. For gifts of fine jewelry (and let’s face it, what’s better than something that sparkles?), that’s just about the cut-off time to ensure you get exactly what you want in the size you need it in (if it’s, ahem, a ring).

The designer pieces featured below are geared to different and very specific kinds of jewelry enthusiasts, from the art lover to the superstitious sort. And they’re all easily shoppable online. Start clicking!

For the maximalist: Crux pearl pendant by Harwell Godfrey

Harwell Godfrey Crux Pearl Pendant
Harwell Godfrey Crux Pearl Pendant Harwell Godfrey

More is more is more in Harwell Godfrey’s Crux pearl pendant, a one-of-a-kind take on the Maltese cross that designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey conceived in the days and weeks after Roe v. Wade was overturned. “Not only does it represent protection and bravery,” she writes, “but an equal-sided cross, also known as the ‘balanced’ or ‘peaceful’ cross, also symbolizes the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the four directions, North South, East and West.” Crafted in 18k yellow gold and lavished with pearls, diamonds, pink sapphires, turquoise and mother of pearl, the customizable piece comes on the designer’s signature Foundation necklace (sold separately). $44,995, harwellgodfrey.com

For the sustainability advocate: Together Forever Earrings by Pippa Small

Pippa Small Together Forever Peacock Earrings
Pippa Small Together Forever Peacock Earrings Pippa Small

In February, British designer Pippa Small traveled to the Chocó region of Colombia, where she met with an Afro-Colombian community of gold miners who use ancient extraction methods to pan just enough of the metal to meet their needs rather than turning to harmful chemicals or mechanization. Next, Small headed to the nearby community of Quibdó to meet with traditional goldsmiths, who specialize in weaving delicate chains and creating filigree work, using pre-Colombian techniques to create jewels in the West African design tradition. The resulting Together Forever collection of jewelry — like these 18-karat gold Peacock earrings —  embodies Small’s commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing. As she tells Robb Report: “It’s heritage, culture, tradition, identity—what jewelry is so much about.” $8,930, pippasmall.com

For the audiophile: Jack de Boucheron necklace by Boucheron

Boucheron Jack de Boucheron Necklace
Boucheron Jack de Boucheron Necklace Boucheron

The music and tech lovers in your life will be singing your praises when they see how beautifully you’ve matched their passion to a piece of jewelry—in this case a necklace from the Jack de Boucheron collection by the French heritage jeweler. Inspired by stereo jack cables, the 18k gold sautoir style shown here comes on a flexible 41-inch cord, sealed by an elegant jeweled clasp paved entirely with diamonds. Worn as a single long necklace, wrapped into a choker style or a multi-wrap bracelet, or even strung around the hips as a belt, the piece is bound to strike a chord. $85,000, boucheron.com

For the diamond devotee: D-Vibes bracelet by Messika

Messika D-Vibes Bracelet
Messika D-Vibes Bracelet

Just in time for the holiday comes the new D-Vibes (short for “Diamond Vibes”) collection from the Parisian diamond jewelry brand Messika. Designed with flexible shapes, multi-row chains and emerald-cut diamonds, as in this 18k yellow gold bracelet loaded with 3.12 carats of diamonds, the line offers a new take on the iconic tennis bracelet, with three gently cascading rivers of stones. $22,330, messika.com

For the architecture buff: Brutalism earrings by K. Brunini Jewels

K. Brunini Brutalism Earrings
K. Brunini Brutalism Earrings

Designed at the height of the 2020 lockdowns, K. Brunini Jewels’ Brutalism collection takes its cues from iconic Brutalist structures, such as Louis Kahn’s 1965 Salk Institute. The architectural style struck designer Katey Brunini as the perfect metaphor for how the pandemic “stripped us raw,” she says. The collection combines breathtaking gems in deeply saturated hues with pieces of upcycled copper; the reclaimed material, juxtaposed in these diamond-set earrings with copper set in its matrix, takes “the emotion of raw,” says Brunini, “and cooks it with all the explosive colors of the rainbow.” $20,325, stanleykorshak.com

For the Art Lover: Nina Runsdorf x Nir Hod Ring

Nina Runsdorf x Nir Hod Ring
Nina Runsdorf x Nir Hod Ring Nina Runsdorf

Well known for her playful pear-shaped Flip rings, the New York-based designer Nina Runsdorf teamed with her longtime friend, the Israel-born, New York-based artist Nir Hod, on three limited edition 18k gold rings that depict Hod’s black-and-white eye. Hand-painted on rock crystal and framed by dazzling hues of sapphire, in bright pink, denim blue or fiery orange melee, the hyper-realistic orbs are the very definition of eye-catching. Available starting on Nov. 17. $21,000, bergdorfgoodman.com

For the Superstitious: Manifest Talisman Necklace by Sig Ward Jewelry

Sig Ward Manifest Talisman Necklace
Sig Ward Manifest Talisman Necklace Sig Ward

Think of this Sig Ward Manifest Talisman necklace set with inlaid stones and strung on a paperclip chain as the ultimate in jewelry protection. Malachite is said to offer courage, wisdom and intuition. Lapis is believed to confer psychic abilities, clarity, self-awareness and wisdom. And white agate is meant to calm and embolden you to trust. But that’s not all. The emerald baguettes at bottom represent unconditional love and clairvoyance, the sapphire trillion at top attracts serenity and peace and a dash of diamonds imbues the wearer with invincible spiritual power. Ready, set, go! $8,500, sigwardjewelry.com

For the Jewelry Collector-in-Training: Hummingbird Stud Earrings by Sorellina x Stephanie Anders 

Sorrellina x Stephanie Anders Hummingbird Stud Earring

Jewelry lovers big and small will appreciate the selection of talismanic stud earrings in Sorellina’s new collection with celebrity piercer Stephanie Anders, available exclusively at Tiny Gods in Charlotte, N.C. Composed of six 18-karat gold and diamond stud earrings — a dagger for strength, a spiral for gratitude, a butterfly for transformation, a hummingbird for resilience, a crescent moon for dreamers and a geometric diamond for balance — the collection is designed to be layered, mixed and matched for a uniquely personalized look. Ear ear! $325, tinygods.com

For the Esoteric Gem Enthusiast: Earrings by Eden Presley


Eden Presley Aquaprase, Elmerite and Diamond Earrings
Eden Presley Aquaprase, Elmerite and Diamond Earrings Eden Presley

Aquaprase and elmerite aren’t your typical gem materials — and these 14-karat gold earrings by New York-based Eden Presley aren’t your typical jewels. Discovered in Africa in 2013, aquaprase is a bluish-green variant of chalcedony with a swirling, multicolor appearance (on full display in the 27.75 carats seen here). The designer complements the material with two oval-shaped cuts of elmerite, a form of green obsidian, totaling 8.61 carats. You’d be forgiven for forgetting there are diamonds here, too. $4,000, edenpresley.com

For the Marrying Kind: Diamond and Emerald Asscher Duo Ring by Jemma Wynne

Jemma Wynne Diamond and Emerald Asscher Duo Ring
Jemma Wynne Diamond and Emerald Asscher Duo Ring Jemma Wynne

Two-stone rings in the toi et moi (French for “you and me”) style, which typically combines different gems and cuts, are on the rise. Jemma Wynne’s 18k gold Duo ring, featuring a 2.06-carat antique diamond and a 1.1-carat emerald, both in the vintage-inspired Asscher cut, is the perfect way to pop the question — twice as nice, in fact! $43,260, jemmawynne.com

For the Minimalist: Menottes Bracelet by Dinh Van

Dinh Van Menottes Bracelet
Dinh Van Menottes Bracelet Dinh Van

In 1965, Jean Dinh Van, a longtime designer for Cartier in Paris, founded his own firm to create jewelry that could be worn every day rather than kept in a safe and only taken out for special occasions. “Universality was part of his vision,” says Corinne Le Foll, the company’s managing director. Inspired by architecture and sculpture, Dinh Van was also enchanted with ordinary objects “that become precious when they are sculpted as pieces of jewelry,” says Le Foll. The brand’s signature Menottes design is a classic example: Seen here in a sleek platinum chain bracelet, the piece borrows its silhouette and functionality from a key ring. $5,950, dinhvan.com

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