A Gilded Vision of Nature

Philippine designer Wynn Wynn Ong, known for her elaborate one-of-a-kind jewelry, has unveiled her collection at the Asia Society on Park Avenue in New York. The Naga Jewelry collection features imaginative handmade gold and gemstone jewelry referencing nature in literal concepts. The new All Bark group, for instance, is composed of 12 large-scale cuffs textured to replicate tree bark, each capturing a moment in nature including accents such as a crawling spider, a colorful frog, or an intricate gold spiderweb. Brooches feature animal feathers, and rings include coral and pearls. The former teacher turned her jewelry-making hobby into a business nearly a decade ago and sold most of her jewelry through word-of-mouth to Philippine society women. Ong is now venturing beyond her country into Europe and America. Prices start at $2,000. (www.nagajewelry.com)

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