A Repoussé Revival

American Estate Jewelry has revived the time-honored craft of finely detailed repoussé sterling silver jewelry and accessories in a new 50-piece collection. The jewelry company was established when Carolyn O’Keefe went in search of a repoussé cuff similar to a favorite piece worn by her grandmother. She was referred to Michael Galmer, a skilled silversmith who made special-commission repoussé jewelry, as well as trophies for the Preakness and Kentucky Derby. Together, they created a small selection of pieces that sold out at Tiny Jewel Box, a prominent jeweler in Washington, D.C. In response, they created a more extensive collection, which starts at $400, featuring floral cuffs, each handcrafted in Galmer’s Long Island City workshop using traditional methods of repoussé production: shaping a model of each piece in jeweler’s clay, building a plastic mold of the design, then hammering the silver from the backside and engraving each curve and groove by hand. (410.218.9500, www.americanestatejewelry.com)

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