Alexandre Vauthier Creates a Jewelry Collection for Mellerio dits Meller

The designer crafted a collection of fine jewelry that is both timeless and cutting-edge…

Mellerio dits Meller—a 402-year-old jewelry house that once serviced the queens of Europe—has teamed up with Alexandre Vauthier, a bold up-and-coming couturier, to create a collection of fine jewelry that is both timeless and cutting-edge. Vauthier chose to work with emeralds—one of his favorite stones—when designing the quartet of pieces for the Alexandre Vauthier for Mellerio dits Meller Collection. He found inspiration in a set of sketches preserved in Mellerio’s archives, some of which dated back to the 1800s. “I saw the sketches as very classic, but also modern—elegant and eternal,” notes Vauthier, whose penchant for pushing boundaries is almost as well-known as his love for pendants.

Crafted from emeralds, diamonds, and onyx, the pendant (which can transform into earrings) rests on a chain of white gold, cascading down the neck in a series of diamonds shaped like Vs ($187,000). The diamond-encrusted emerald earrings (which can transform into a pendant) are a string of diamonds and onyx tapering into a row of four single diamonds ($91,300). The white-gold and diamond bracelet revolves around a square-cut emerald ($121,000). The centerpiece of the white-gold ring is a brilliant emerald clasped on either side by a trio of oval-shaped diamonds and black-diamond accents ($85,800).

“I wanted something that flowed with the skin and would emphasize the anatomy of the wearer’s body,” Vauthier explains, “having the jewelry be very graphic and yet still respect the tradition of fine jewelry.” (mellerio.fr)

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