American Jewelry Design Council: 25 Years of Design

Opening Saturday, September 21, 2013 the American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC) will showcase 25 years of outstanding jewelry design at the prestigious Forbes Galleries in New York.  The exhibition, “Variations on a Theme: 25 Years of Design from the AJDC”, is open to the public and will dazzle museum visitors with one-of-a-kind works from over 40 AJDC members through February 22nd, 2014.

On view at the Forbes Galleries will be a selection of works from various annual AJDC Design Projects from the very first theme, in 1996 to the most recent, in 2013. Annually, the council asks each of its members to create a design project, interpreting a single concept or theme; the final product is a collection of unique jewelry pieces joined by a solitary concept. Past themes include simple conceptual elements such as “Water”, “Spiral”, “Ice”, and “Flight” imagined into breathtaking masterpieces made of precious metals, gemstones and unexpected materials.

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