Animal Attraction

Jewelry designer Katey Brunini’s latest collection, Spirit Animals, features a menagerie of hand-carved, jeweled animal figures that also serve as talismans and symbols of protection. After a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico, where Brunini studied with a Mayan shaman, she was inspired to create these limited-edition jewelry sculptures, imbuing each with ancient symbolism. The hand-carved jet, 18-karat gold, and pavé diamond crab, $19,950 (shown), represents the power of dance, community, protection of home, and success, according to Native American tradition. In keeping with the nature-inspired theme that has been the driving force behind the 10-year-old business, the Solana Beach, California, designer continues to juxtapose precious gems and metal with organic materials such as bone and wood. Spirit Animals is available at Takashimaya, 800.753.2038; or through Katey Brunini, 858.259.8779.

—Jill Newman

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