Be One of the First People in the World to Wear Salvatore Ferragamo Jewelry

The iconic Italian fashion house unveils its first jewelry collection ever…

Florence-based design house Ferragamo has launched a jewelry capsule collection with Los Angeles artist Daniela Villegas. Dubbed Daniela Villegas for Salvatore Ferragamo, the new eight-piece collection centers on playful parakeets, parrots, and birds of paradise—subjects meant to highlight exploration and freedom. Many of the designs recall the vibrant wildlife the 89-year-old company features on its iconic, Italian-made silk scarves, which first debuted in the 1950s.

In this new collection, birds and rounded bird cages are depicted on necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets in sterling silver, and many pieces are accented with green topaz and deep purple amethyst ($240-$790). Ferragamo’s signature Gancio emblem (a rounded, horseshoe-like design) is present on the jewelry’s birdcage motif. A limited four-piece edition in gold and diamonds will be available in selected stores ($4,400-$10,000).  (ferragamo.com)

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