Bea Bongiasca Grows Her You’re So Vine Collection

The Milanese designer explores even more vibrant colors and playful forms.

Millennial jewelry designer Bea Bongiasca has made a name for herself by crafting playful, kinetic pieces that experiment with florals, pop art, and even rice. For her You’re So Vine collection, the Milanese designer created bold, sinuous enamel pieces that were inspired by climbing plants. The newest pieces in the collection include necklaces, rings, earrings, and a bracelet—all of which expand upon that unconventional, playful energy.

“I wanted to keep exploring enamel as a medium, but there are some limitations to its uses, so I chose to create these Vine Wrapped pieces that use gold vines instead of enameled ones,” Bongiasca explains. “In this manner, I did not have to limit my creativity to using enamel, and I could transmit the fluidity and curves of the collection to the metal part of the piece.”

Bongiasca describes the new designs as toeing the line between (slightly) more subtle, wearable pieces and more traditional high-brow jewelry. Each piece incorporates bold pops of color, from a rose gold and silver necklace with a green enameled vine and drop-cut amethyst to eye-catching asymmetrical vine baby hoops in 9-karat rose gold and silver with orchid enamel, marquise, and drop-cut corundums.

Bongiasca is especially fond of the latter design. “In the first part of this collection, I focused on making very big earrings, but this time I wanted to add some everyday pieces,” she notes. “They are pop, playful, and fun but at the same time very complex and elegant. Their wearer is someone who is confident in themselves and self-ironic.”

As far as what to wear this fall, Bongiasca recommends the Turquoise or White Enamel Vine Wrapped Hoops. “They are really bold statement earrings that truly represent this new part of the collection, and you’ll see them even in the fall with all my scarves, hats, and coats. They would also look really good with a turtleneck jumper.”


The collection’s new pieces are priced from $490 to $4,500.

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