Bearing Fruit

Fred Leighton is perhaps best known for its remarkable collection of estate and vintage jewelry, but the New York company with more than 30 years on Madison Avenue also produces new pieces that command attention. Consider, for instance, a pair of perfectly matched, pear-shaped diamonds cut from the same rough stone: Each of the 20-carat gems is exceptional in its own right, but what makes them even more captivating is the artistic way that Fred Leighton set them in this gift’s glamorous earrings ($2.7 million). “We chose to focus the design of the earrings to sit close to the ear, accentuating the face, while bringing an exotic and regal aesthetic through rows of cascading briolette diamonds, which create a fringe and frame each pear-shaped diamond,” says the brand’s CEO, Greg Kwiat. The recipient of the new earrings, which are being unveiled in Robb Report, will surely appreciate the jeweler’s approach to the two serious rocks: The 9 carats of briolette diamonds that playfully drip from the major stones were added for a sense of lightness. “These are bold, statement earrings,” notes Kwiat, “but there is wearability in the design that makes them contemporary and fun.” 

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