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The Best of the Best 2003: Jewelry – Harry Winston

For the connoisseur with an appetite for the rarest and most unusual diamonds, colored diamonds are the ultimate pièces de résistance. For nearly a century, Harry Winston has handled some of the world’s rarest colored diamonds—from the 45.52-carat dark blue Hope diamond to a 60-carat fancy pink diamond that dates to 1642. Today, Winston’s multimillion-dollar stock includes a 20-carat fancy pink for more than $8 million, an 8-carat vivid blue, and a 5-carat pumpkin orange.

Stones such as these are often trea-sures worthy of a museum. Winston’s status as the world’s most illustrious diamond jeweler, however, enables it to acquire a remarkable cache of these uncommon gems. “It’s the basic rule of economics: supply and demand,” explains Carol Brodie-Gelles, Winston’s managing director of communications. “Dealers from all over the world know to come to Winston, since we have a proven clientele who collects these rare stones.”


Harry Winston, 212.245.2000, www.harry-winston.com

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