Best Of The Best 2006: The Color Guard

One of Samuel Getz’s prized possessions is a rare 10-carat chrome tourmaline that looks like a green emerald but is far rarer. Nevertheless, it represents a bargain compared to a similarly sized emerald. “An emerald of this size, color, and quality would be at least $1.5 million,” says Getz, who sells his collection only from his Coral Gables, Fla., salon. “But this ring is just $70,000, and there isn’t another stone like it in the world.”

Getz likes educating his clients about such unusual gems, believing that as people become more familiar with them, their prices will rise dramatically. The designer places his gems in clean, simplistic designs that often pair unusual color combinations. His newest creations include a ring with an orange-pink spinel set between two mandarin garnets; a necklace, which he describes as “totally electric,” is made of neon yellow chrysoberyls, bright green tsavorites, and baby blue aquamarines. “I design around the gemstone,” he says. “My jewelry is about balance and proportion. I never want to overwhelm the stone.”

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