BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style |Jewelry | Bravura: Bulgari

Over the past half century, Bulgari has adorned such glamorous women as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren in breathtaking jewelry that at times seemed to rival even the actresses’ brilliant auras. Last year, the house infused its Diva high-jewelry collection with the colorful and audacious spirit of Federico Fellini’s

La Dolce Vita, offering large pieces that drip with candy-like gemstones and exude a sense of playfulness. Yet despite this lighthearted flair, serious collectors should not discount the importance of designs such as this necklace, which incorporates 154 carats of pink tourmalines, purple quartz, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl in a rose-gold setting. (800.285.4274, www.bulgari.com)

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