BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style |Jewelry | Collection: Cartier

The artistic and intriguing designs of l’Odyssée de Cartier high jewelry take the wearer on a journey of discovery that explores the multifaceted spirits of Africa and Asia. African motifs emerge in abstract shapes and warm-hued gems that suggest the dappled palette of the continent’s vast savannas, while India inspires extravagant arrangements of intricately carved stones that blaze with color. Though diverse, these pieces share an exceptional artisanship and lightness of construction and movement—hallmarks of the French jeweler. Each masterpiece’s gentle curves and fluid lines are meticulously crafted in Cartier’s high-jewelry workshop in Paris, where artisans rendered such exquisite examples as the Neve necklace (right) of sapphires, diamonds, lacquer, platinum, and 18-karat white gold with a suspended 24.35-carat sapphire drop, and the Malice bracelet and earrings (opposite) in pink topaz, diamonds, black lacquer, and platinum. (800.227.8437, www.cartier.us)

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