BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style |Jewelry | Colored Stones: Tiffany & Co.

Photographed by Lisa Charles Watson; Styling by Charles W. Bumgardner

For almost two centuries, Tiffany has been a pioneer in uncovering new types of gemstones and bringing them to market. Tanzanite and tsavorite garnets may be counted among the house’s notable discoveries, and this year Tiffany continued its pursuit of unusual stones of extraordinary quality. Indeed, the brand’s appetite for novelty and its relentless quest to track down the best in colored gems make Tiffany the de facto resource for those in search of the unexpected. The company’s eye for the rare is manifest in (from left) this black-opal ring with tourmalines; blue-tourmaline-and-diamond ring; green-demantoid-garnet-and-diamond ring; red-spinel-and diamond ring; and tanzanite-and-seed-pearl earrings. (800.843.3269, www.tiffany.com)

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