BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style |Jewelry | New Arrival: Vieri

When Guya Merkle took over her father’s Zurich-based jewelry business, she transformed it from a respected manufacturer of pieces for other houses into its own brand name with a high-jewelry collection to rival those of any of its former clients. Rather than draw on traditional forms from past generations, the young designer forged daring new concepts, such as this collar and ring from the Clouds Collection. The pieces are made with polished nuggets of cloud-shaped rainbow quartz set in pink gold and accented with brown and white diamonds, blue and orange sapphires, garnets, blue topazes, citrines, and smoky quartz. Unveiled this year, Vieri’s collection—which is made exclusively with responsibly mined gold—sparkles with a radiance that is derived as much from the designer’s imagination as from the stones themselves. (+, www.vieri.com)

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