With the 2008 debut of Bogh-Art (+41.22.732.75.55, www.bogh-art.com), the first retail venture from the 29-?year-old Geneva-based jewelry house Boghossian, Ralph Boghossian realized his vision. The 28-year-old product director, who is the nephew of Boghossian CEO Albert Boghossian, had sought to craft modern designs using ancient inlay techniques. He accomplished this by developing a method for setting a faceted transparent gemstone into another semiprecious hard stone. Artisans shape the stones for a seamless fit, and CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines produce a template for the rims that hold them in place. The inlaid pieces bear the distinctive contemporary-yet-classic style that Boghossian had envisioned. Among Bogh-Art’s designs is a ring with four mother-of-pearl shapes and a yellow center diamond. “It looks like a teardrop,” says Boghossian. “It’s put together like a puzzle.”

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