Brooklyn’s Up-and-Coming Jewelry Designer Baker & Black

Baker & Black founder talks recycled materials, her art-inspired designs, and must-have jewelry…

Megan Baker, founder of Baker & Black, crafts delicate and distinct statement jewelry by hand in her Brooklyn studio and finishes it with the help of expert gem-setters in New York City’s Diamond District. “From concept to final piece, each design takes about two months,” says Baker, who worked with Doyle & Doyle jewelry house in New York before launching her brand in 2013. Her pieces ($400 to $4,600) are a fascinating fusion of futuristic and chic retro styles; Baker continually draws design inspiration from fine art—from photographer Richard Avedon to 19th-century French painter Félix Vallotton​.

In addition to colorful gems like orange sapphires, turquoise, malachite, and amethyst, many pieces in Baker’s repertoire utilize recycled gold, which she sources from a century-old mill in Virginia. “I feel it is everyone’s responsibility to be a responsible consumer and producer,” says Baker. “I like to apply the wilderness dictum ‘leave no trace’ to my production, which is why I used recycled gold.”

Baker’s next collection, Sea Objects, centers on baroque pearls and is due out this fall. She can also create custom pieces. (

Robb Report spoke with Baker about her all-time favorite artist, the vivid gemstone inspiring her now, and her must-have jewelry piece for all occasions.

Several of your designs appear to be inspired by fine art—is there a certain style or time period that you are most inspired by?

Tough to choose but, perhaps, the 1960s and 1970s. I love that era’s fashion and there were so many exciting things happening in the art world: the Land art movement, Fluxus, and Minimalism.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Louise Bourgeois. A couple years ago, I went to a show at Cheim & Read that exclusively featured her suspended sculptures. It solidified her standing as my favorite artist.

What is your favorite gemstone right now?

I am obsessed with tsavorite garnet. I love its vivid shade of green—garnets have great sparkle.

What jewelry piece would you recommend everyone have in their wardrobe?

I think everyone should have a pair of bold drop earrings. They really add pop and polish to a look.

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