Buried Treasures

First-time customers at the Shamballa Jewels (www.shamballajewels.com) flagship store in Copenhagen, Denmark, may find it hard to believe that the airy gallery is a retail space at all. According to Mads Kornerup, the company’s creative director and cofounder, the 1,600-square-foot gallery’s sparse interior is intended to replicate the feeling of a meditation hall and temple—evidenced by Buddhist monument-inspired columns and a 550-pound lingam that hangs from the ceiling. “I wanted people to walk in, feel their surrounding, and to be present both in breath and posture,” he says. “I wanted to transport our visitors to tranquil Oriental surroundings. At the same time, we used smoked oak, wenge wood, burnished brass, and clean lines to highlight our Danish heritage.”

Shoppers who make a purchase at this Shamballa store will need patience above all else. The brand’s custom jewelry is set, polished, and crafted by hand on the store’s mezzanine level, but finding it on display in the showroom is akin to a treasure hunt. “The entire idea of the store revolves around exploration,” Kornerup says, explaining that all display cases are set into hidden drawers that must be opened to reveal their contents. “Searching the store for the right piece and then being able to customize and personalize it is an amazing experience.”

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