Christopher Designs Blends Old-World Luxury With Modern Technology

Christopher Designs impeccably blends old-world luxury and style with modern technology. This is why Christopher’s jewelry can be seen adorning the most sophisticated consumers around the world.  

Christopher Slowinski founded Christopher Designs in 1976. Born in Poland, Slowinski apprenticed under master jewelry craftsmen in his native country and in the United States. 

The original Crisscut was launched with great fanfare: The arrangement of the 77 (versus the generic 48) “crisscrossed” facets redefined just how brilliant a diamond could be. This facet arrangement was initially used for emerald shapes and later for the Crisscut Cushion.

Christopher’s never-ending pursuit of perfection and focus on innovation led him to work on redefining the generic round as his next project. “I have always been intrigued with taking something established and making it even more beautiful,” explains Slowinski. “That’s why the technological side of jewelry making has always been as important as the aesthetic value of my collections.”

While ‘designer diamonds’ have come and gone, the Brilliant Crisscut earned it’s trademark for remarkable engineering. This unique stone has 109 facets. Although it appears round, the Brilliant Crisscut actually has 12 straight walls and 12 sides, creating the illusion of an exquisitely scalloped border.

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