Bold & Beautiful: David Webb Expands Its Woodworks Jewelry Collection

The new Shoulder Cuff, Ski Slope ring, and Bridge ring add architectural depth to the collection.

David Webb Woodwork Shoulder Cuff and Ski Slope Rings Photo: courtesy David Webb

Statement pieces continue to be in high demand. However, the game is changing. Rather than relying on sparkle and shine, there’s an ever-rising demand for low-key and daily-wear pieces that still make a statement. New York–based David Webb’s latest additions to the Woodworks collection—including the new Shoulder Cuff, Ski Slope ring, and Bridge Ring (pricing upon request for all three pieces)—are perfectly aligned with the growing trend.

For those less familiar, Mr. Webb himself—famed jeweler to Jackie O., Elizabeth Taylor, and Gloria Vanderbuilt though the 1960s and ’70s—passed away in 1975, though his legacy lives on through the brand that still bears his name, producing every piece out of the workshop and storefront on Madison Avenue.

David Webb Woodwork Collection Bridge rings

David Webb Woodwork Collection Bridge rings  Photo: courtesy David Webb

David Webb’s Woodworks collection is a recent one, having originally launched in 2015, though the original design of the shoulder cuff seen here was first crafted in 1972. The integration of ebony or bloodwood into the shoulders adds significant contrast against the high polish of its 18-karat yellow gold. The use of wood in fine jewelry is very well-suited to these bold designs. And with as much as we’ve seen it in releases from Seaman Schepps and Verdura, it would seem a resurgence of the material is afoot as well.

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