David Yurman Puts a Colorful Twist on Titanium

The jeweler use heat treatments to transform classic chain-link designs…

Photo by Lisa Charles Watson, Styling by Charles W. Bumgardner

Through precise heat-treating of lightweight titanium, David Yurman (davidyurman.com) has transformed the classic chain-link design into a series of stylish contemporary pieces. The heat treatment changes the metal’s color, bringing an au courant tint to the voluminous creations. “We have always been about expressing classical elements of design through modern materials and techniques,” says Yurman. Setting gemstones in the jewelry is a technical feat, he notes, due to titanium’s inherent hardness. Pink sapphires add monotone chic to the otherwise purple Belmont necklace, bracelet, and ring shown here (prices upon request). The collection also comes in blue-tinged metal with white diamonds, Cognac-colored metal with brown diamonds, and olive-toned metal with color-changing garnets.  

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