Dazzling Statement Cuffs from Australian Jeweler Margot McKinney

The Australian jewelry designer’s latest cuffs are bold and beautiful.

Margot McKinney’s work balances refinement with a touch of wildness. The fourth-generation Australian jewelry designer—whose ancestors began seeking out unique gems and minerals to handcraft into one-of-kind pieces more than 130 years ago—is known for mixing bold, chunky pieces of opal and turquoise with more polished gems, like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.

“I love the look of a knock-out ‘I’ve arrived’ style cuff. So chic!” says McKinney. In her latest statement cuffs, vibrantly colored stones are the undisputed stars. Each design commands attention. “I love a cuff with fabulous, big statement gems, the wider the better,” says McKinney. This summer, she has found inspiration in the cool, oceanic hues of Paraiba tourmalines, sapphires, and aquamarines. McKinney’s current favorites: “Everything turquoise, blue and green,” she says. “it’s like a wearable vacation every time you look down at your wrist!”

Margot McKinney’s jeweled cuff

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For one recent piece, a large Lightning Ridge opal is flanked by a lush, cabochon-cut peridot and aquamarine all set on a crisp white fossilized mammoth bangle ($195,000); in another, faceted sapphires and aquamarines shine within a harmonious geometric patchwork of gems set onto satiny 18-karat yellow gold ($89,500). McKinney’s designs are available in Neiman Marcus stores throughout the U.S.

Jewelry by Margot McKinney

Photo: Courtesy Tom MacDonald



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