De Beers Introduces New Ceramic Rings

The jewelry house’s first-ever ceramic rings draw inspiration from its Enchanted Lotus Collection…

For the first time in its 13-year history, the jewelry house De Beers—best known for its engagement rings and wedding bands—has introduced ceramic as a structural material in its designs. (The De Beers jewelry company was established in 2001; the De Beers mining company is more than 120 years old.) The two rings ($4,000 apiece) are available in white or black ceramic (called Daylight Lotus and Moonlight Lotus, respectively) and are set with white diamonds. Their design draws inspiration from the company’s popular Enchanted Lotus Collection; each ring is made up of several interconnecting lotus-flower silhouettes. De Beers’s use of ceramic is a marked effort by the brand to expand its repertoire of materials and offer less formal, more contemporary designs. (800.929.0889, debeers.com)

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