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From Namibia to Canada: De Beers’s New High Jewelry Line Pays Homage to Where Its Diamonds Are Mined

Reflections of Nature is a celebration of the landscapes where the diamond giant sources its most magnificent stones.

De Beers Namib Wonder Necklace Courtesy of De Beers

Diamonds are celebrated for their size and sparkle, but until recently, their origin was an afterthought (provided the stones were guaranteed to be conflict-free). With its latest high jewelry collection, Reflections of Nature, De Beers is placing the source of its most magnificent gems front and center.

Comprising five sets and a total of 39 exclusive pieces that combine faceted and rough diamonds and stones in multiple fancy shapes and fancy colors, the range is inspired by the landscapes of De Beers’ diamond producing countries: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada.

“With this collection, we wanted to take everyone on a journey and escape to these locations that reside in the countries close to De Beers’ heart,” said De Beers Jewellers CEO Céline Assimon on a video promoting the new collection.

The dunes of the Namib Desert, the earth’s oldest desert, inspired the nine pieces in the Namib Wonder set, which features yellow and white diamonds in an undulating design. A number of its pieces are strung with rough gems in cap settings — aka “spectacle-set,” a De Beers signature — that allow the stones to move freely, creating the effect of swinging fringe.

De Beers Namib Wonder Bracelet

De Beers Namib Wonder Bracelet  Courtesy of De Beers

The Motlatse Marvel set — including a collar necklace that emanates “rays” of gem-set stones, a medallion-like cocktail ring and a colorful gem-encrusted take on the traditional line bracelet — renders the spectacular sunsets over Motlatse Canyon in South Africa in a motley array of colored diamonds, including orange, pink and yellow gems in varying hues. Cooler accent stones are meant to evoke the canyon’s shadowy depths.

De Beers Motlatse Marvel Necklace

De Beers Motlatse Marvel Necklace  Courtesy of De Beers


“The necklace is a sunburst of diamond light and energy,” Assimon said.

The watery wilderness of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, De Beers’ most important producing country, appears in the Okavango Grace set as an array of spectacular greenish diamonds in formations designed to evoke reeds.

De Beers Okavango Grace Earrings

De Beers Okavango Grace Earrings  Courtesy of De Beers

In the necklace, “rough and polished diamonds suspended in organic strands move with the wearer,” Assimon said. “The climber earrings move like liquid light.”

The Landers Radiance set is an ode to the underwater world of South Africa’s Landers Reef. Boasting the collection’s largest mix of diamond cuts and colors, the pieces employ cushion-, marquise- and round brilliant-cut stones in beguiling juxtapositions. The Landers Radiance bracelet, a standout piece, is strung with spectacle-set rough yellow diamonds.

De Beers Landers Radiance Bracelet

De Beers Landers Radiance Bracelet  aleksbelov.com

Finally, the Ellesmere Treasure set, a tribute to the ice-covered flora of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic, stands apart as the only one to strictly feature white, or colorless, gems. “The necklace is quite a departure from the other sets,” Assimon said. “We wanted it to reflect the icy wilderness.”

De Beers Ellesmere Treasure Necklace

De Beers Ellesmere Treasure Necklace  Courtesy of De Beers

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