De Beers’s Edgy New Rough-Cut Diamond Designs

Rough-cut diamonds give a fresh twist to the latest creations from De Beers…

The new 18-piece De Beers Talisman collection celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the collection’s initial debut, which was notable for taking a fresh approach to diamond-centric jewelry with its incorporation of rough, uncut diamonds along with polished diamonds in contemporary designs. A new addition to the collection, the Wonderous Sphere, is a striking three-dimensional design made with 691 yellow, green, pink, and brown diamonds set on eight concentric, rotating silver rings centered around a 17-carat yellow rough diamond. An extraordinary objet d’art, the handmade articulated sphere took over 2,000 hours to produce, spans more than 7 inches in diameter, and is adorned with a total of 271 carats of gems.

All of the additions to the Talisman collection adhere to its original naturalistic, antiquity-inspired aesthetic, with combinations of unique rough-cut diamonds and polished gems set in textured, hammered gold, such as the Talisman Wonder pendant made with 70 green, yellow, and white diamonds. Rings in the new collection utilize the serti poincon (hallmark) setting, in which handcrafted, raised white- and yellow-gold points grip the diamond, allowing light to enter while also reflecting the collection’s historically informed style. The new designs range in price from $1,900 to $20,000. (debeers.com)

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