Designer Q&A: Fernando Jorge Talks Hot Summer Trends and More

The Brazilian jewelry designer describes his latest creations and an unusual color palette for summer…

Brazilian-born Fernando Jorge creates fun, bold designs with organically inspired forms—each of his five collections meld captivating naturalistic elements with sensual shapes. Jorge recently added more pieces to his floral-inspired Bloom collection and, later this fall, will unveil an all-new diamond-centric line—a departure from his past creations, which often utilize vibrant stones like emerald, lemon quartz, and fire opal.

We asked Fernando about his latest works, his favorite gems for summer, and more.

What’s new in your Bloom collection?

“I’ve added Algae pendant necklaces made with pink tourmaline and more Corolla wraparound rings with peridot. The Algae pendant is a versatile piece inspired by large tropical flower blossoms, it just needs a plain colored fabric behind it to stand out. It could also be worn over a kaftan dress for a summery look or over a deep V-neck dress for an evening look, or even with white shirt and jeans.”

What materials are you attracted to right now?

“Gold is my favorite material—nearly all my work is done in 18-karat gold. It is the most sensual metal of all. Its physical properties make it perfect to wear against the skin and its shades complement different skin tones.”

Which gems do you want to work with next?

“I think I’m done with so much color. I’m moving toward diamonds. But I am excited by the positive response we’ve gotten for Bloom’s peridot designs.”


Why do you think people are attracted to the peridot green?

“I think it’s a spring thing. Plus, the Bloom collection is so botanical and this is a very appealing, fresh, verdant color—and it’s very flattering to many skin tones.”

What jewelry trend are you seeing right now?

“Asymmetrical earrings. I’ve had to break some pairs of earrings to accommodate clients!

Earrings are about composition now—you can do one delicate and one bold. I really like the delicate asymmetry of a Sprout drop earring on one side with a Bloom stud on the other. The studs also look great combined with a single ear cuff in a similar stone.”

What colors appeal to you for summer?

“Greens and oranges. I’m drawn to emeralds, fire opals, and red sapphires, which have more of a ruby color. I like the contrast of cool green with the warmer red.”  (fernandojorge.co.uk)

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