5 Jewelry Designs You Can Live In

Designer Diane Kordas makes stylish jewelry for every day.

When jewelry designer Diane Kordas asked her longtime husband what he remembers most about their first meeting, he replied, “your scent.” That inspired the designer to create her gold-and-diamond perfume-amulet pendants that come on velvet or leather chokers. “The amulet can be filled with one’s own personal scent or a lover’s scent; it is a memory connector linked to our emotional system,” says the London-based designer. Kordas is among a group of female jewelry designers who started creating statement pieces they could wear every day with jeans and a T-shirt. Madonna was among her first customers, which Kordas says confirmed she was onto something.

The Diane Kordas collection, priced mainly from $1,500 to $5,000, includes gold-and-diamond necklaces, pop-art statements in colored gems, and colorful earrings. Here she lists the five key items every woman should have in their jewelry wardrobe.


“My diamond-bar hoop earrings work from day to evening easily. I wear the gold hoops during the day and attach the long diamond bar for a more evening sensibility.”

“I love having a piece of colorful jewelry, such as my new beaded long necklaces in turquoise, agate, malachite, and tiger eye. Color is a fun way to reinvigorate any outfit.”

“It’s important to have a simple piece of jewelry you wear all the time. My Shooting Star and Diamond Heartbeat pendants along with my Cosmos charm rings are easy and light yet have a strong impact because they have diamonds.”

“My diamond bar choker is a definite staple as it is simplistic and symmetrical, referencing modernism; therefore, it never dates. It’s seriously cool.”

“A meaningful and personal piece of jewelry such as my perfume amulet. It encases something very personal, and the beauty of capturing a personal scent in an amulet links the essence of fragrance to the jewelry.”

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