A New Jewelry Designer on the Fast Track

Former interior designer Doryn Wallach creates everyday jewelry that packs style and personality.

Doryn Wallach jewelry

Former interior designer Doryn Wallach has turned her attention to another passion: jewelry. She’s creating stylish pieces imbued with references to architecture, the Art Deco style, and elements from the interior-design world. The result is distinctive pieces with a sense of history. Wallach’s agate pendants framed in gold, for example, were inspired by the marble slabs she used in interior-design projects, and a geometric gold cuff echoes the shape of an Art Deco fireplace screen.

“This is my interpretation of modern Art Deco,” says Wallach, whose gold-and-diamond jewelry ($800 to more than $50,000) is made in New York City workshops. Like many designers, Wallach began her jewelry business creating a piece for herself. It was a diamond ring that drew inspiration from the Chrysler Building’s striking Art Deco architecture. The building’s rounded shapes were repeated in a matte gold ring appointed with diamond accents, and it’s now a signature style in her collection. “When many people stopped me to ask who designed my ring, I realized I could make my passion into a career,” she said. After studying at the Gemological Institute of America, she launched her business.

Doryn Wallach ring

Doryn Wallach ring.  Photo: Courtesy Doryn Wallach

Wallach’s attention to detail is what makes each piece of jewelry a modern heirloom. She seeks out old diamonds that have a softer sparkle and spends days selecting specific pieces of agate that exhibit artistic striations for her pendants and rings. Over the years, she has assembled a significant collection of Art Deco jewelry and often converts pieces into pendants for her collection. The jewelry appears modern, but the Art Deco influence is evident and gives her designs a lasting quality. That, she says, is what appeals to women who want original yet timeless jewelry.

Doryn Wallach rings

Doryn Wallach ringsPhoto: Courtesy Doryn Wallach

Doryn Wallach bracelet

Doryn Wallach  Photo: Courtesy Doryn Wallach

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