Easy Style Tips and Vital Collecting Advice from D.C.’s Go-To Jeweler

Owner of the capital’s top boutique gives us the inside scoop…

Politics aside, Washington, D.C.’s power circles can agree on one thing: Tiny Jewel Box is the place to find a dazzling camera-ready piece for VIP-studded galas.

Jim Rosenheim, second-generation jeweler and owner of Tiny Jewel Box, curates a range of unique originals in his (not-so-tiny) 18,500-square-foot shop. Tiny Jewel Box’s dynamic mix of designers includes innovators like Stephen Webster, Marco Bicego, and Monica Rich Kosann.

We asked Rosenheim to share his insights on dressing, collecting and important trends.

What jewelry materials are you seeing crop up for spring and summer?  

“I’m seeing lots of rose gold. Diamonds continue to rule in all colors, including black.

 Opals in virtually all hues and patterns are in demand, as well. I’d watch for more pastel blues, like aquamarine.”

What’s next for jewelry this year?

“Bracelets of all kinds and long necklaces to layer and double. I’ve also seen a retreat from statement rings in favor of stacked bands. My clients are always looking for fine, enduring jewelry that works with jeans—like a Marco Bicego gold bracelet or a rose-gold bangle.”

What jewelry would you show a client who is attending a formal gala?

“It all depends on the dress, but diamonds set in white metal will always rule the day.”

What are your must-have jewelry essentials?


“Diamond studs and hoops, a delicate line bracelet, a diamond pendant, and several gold and diamond rings that have day-to-night versatility. Also, have a long pearl necklace that can be doubled to wear short, and a variety of gold and silver bracelets.”

Any recommendations on color?

“If you want color, just pick your favorite! The pundits will have different colors every season, so choose what you love and what looks good on you.”

What jewelry is always a good investment?

“To me, a good ‘investment’ in jewelry involves having items that one gets much use out of given their lifestyle.”

What is your advice to clients looking to add to their jewelry collection?

“I have one basic rule—irrespective of the colors or the patterns of any piece of jewelry, if you keep the borders simple and clean, the jewelry will have greater utility as well as longevity.” (tinyjewelbox.com)

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