Eternamé Displays Dazzling Jewelry Designs at Its New Boutique in Paris

The store is located inside the Peninsula Hotel in the 16th arrondissement…

The French jewelry brand Eternamé has opened its first boutique in Paris, located inside the Peninsula Paris hotel on avenue Kléber in the chic 16th arrondisement, near the Arc de Triomphe. Like the 8-year-old brand’s jewelry—which is made with delicate twists of gold and colorful combinations of aqua amazonites and bright-violet amethysts—the interior of the new shop commands attention. In addition to bespoke services, the 215-square-foot space displays several vibrant pieces from the brand’s founder and designer, Sarah Besnainou. “When I design jewelry I need to create something I can wear—and it needs to be something I am in love with,” she says. According to Besnainou, the boutique’s opulent interiors were inspired by a French boudoir style and echo the boldness displayed in her works. The Paris boutique will feature a rotating collection of jewelry from the Eternamé line, including a broad selection of Besnainou’s cocktail rings, such as the Dentelle collection, which prominently features orange and yellow sapphires, and the Dalle line, which surrounds a central gem with layers of citrines or rose tourmalines. (+, etername.fr)

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