Fabio Salini Creates Fine Jewelry from Unexpected Combinations

An Italian jeweler uses straw, stingray leather, and other materials in his standout designs…

Three years ago Fabio Salini (fabiosalini.it) collaborated with the furniture-designing Campana brothers to create jewelry that united gold and diamonds with bamboo and straw—just one example of the jeweler’s penchant for unexpected combinations. Since then he has expanded his repertoire with new designs of his own that include a blue stingray-leather collar with a 21-carat blue sapphire, and a carbon-fiber necklace with delicate white pearls. “Every piece I create is a balance of different materials, proportions, and colors,” says Salini, who offers his one-of-a-kind pieces through his boutique in Rome. He’s particularly passionate about coral. “I love coral in all its shades of red, and especially the primitive branches,” he says of a series that includes the earrings of branch coral, kunzites, diamonds, and gold shown here (price upon request).  

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