Faraone Mennella Opens Its Newest Seaside Boutique

Faraone Mennella—run by the design duo Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio—opens its newest jewelry boutique this month in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, where it will showcase a collection inspired by the style and ambience of Capri. The 18-karat-gold La Sirena ring, for instance, features the tail of a siren—a mythological creature that is half fish, half woman, and is said to inhabit the island of Capri—curled around the finger and carpeted in white diamonds ($6,960); while the Grotta Azzura ring—an 18-karat-gold band topped with a striking 27-carat aquamarine ($7,900)—is more subtly inspired by the famed Blue Grotto. Faraone Mennella is also unveiling its first accessories line ($65 to $300), which includes colored rope belts, silk scarves made in Como, cotton tote bags, and bangle bracelets suited for an evening passeggiata by the sea. (212.752.5990, +39.081.837.0992, www.faraonemennella.com)

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