Fashion Flash: Shamballa Bracelets

Men’s jewelry design is always a challenging proposition because while men desire a distinctive style, most won’t wear anything glittering or shiny. Designer Mads Kornerup of Copenhagen created a great solution with his stylish yet masculine Shamballa bracelets made of nylon macramé woven with gold and gemstones in a wide range of styles just for men. The concept took off, and for fall it’s one of the hottest men’s accessories from New York and Los Angeles to Tokyo and Paris. The latest variations, which range in price from $11,500 for a classic Shamballa Jewels bracelet with a pavé diamond bead to more than $100,000 for styles with numerous diamonds and gems, are now available with colored diamonds, Colombian emeralds, South Sea pearls, and ceramic beads. Worn with a suit or with jeans on weekends, it’s an understated form of adornment. (+45.3336.5959, www.shamballajewels.com)

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