A Fine Jewelry Legend Celebrates a Milestone With These New Collections

Yvel marks 30th anniversary of creating nature-inspired jewelry for celebrities and collectors...

Internationally renowned, award-winning jewelry brand, Yvel, will debut four new collections in spring 2016 in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The Sunset, Savannah, Almog and Peacock collections feature all new designs in 18K gold and precious gemstones that pay tribute to Yvel’s enduring homage to Mother Nature and the many treasures she offers. 

Founded in 1986 by Orna and Isaac Levy, Yvel has grown over the last three decades from a small family business to a global industry leader recognized for its distinctive and award-winning creations. Sold in countries around the world to celebrities, royalty and fine jewelry collectors, Yvel jewels are nature-inspired and hand-made with exquisite craftsmanship. A skilled cadre of talented and experienced jewelers attends to the smallest of details, carefully transforming nature’s finest baroque pearls and precious gems into one-of-a-kind wearable works of art as passionately designed by the Levy design duo.


2016 marks Yvel’s 30th anniversary of cultivating beauty. Four new jewelry collections have been launched to honor this milestone achievement. Each collection honors and reflects the organic aesthetic that characterizes the Yvel brand, while also contributing a unique style and flavor of its own. Yvel is pleased to present the Sunset, Savannah, Peacock and Almog Collections, each representing a decade past and alluding to a sparkling future ahead. 


•    The radiant Sunset Collection features Natural Keshi pearls in soft shades of gold and green combined with a sprinkling of natural color diamonds, luxuriously set in 18k yellow gold. 

•    The striking Savannah Collection combines natural colored diamonds in a kaleidoscope of shapes, sizes and hues that are gently caressed by 18K gold.

•    The majestic Peacock Collection befittingly features the exceptionally rare and beautiful gemstone tanzanite set in 18K brushed gold. These unique tanzanite stones can transform in hue from lush blue to deep violet to royal purple, depending on the light and the angle at which it is admired. 

•    The Almog Collection (Hebrew for coral reef) evokes the fluidity of the sea and its splendid coral reefs with flowing lines and graceful contours in 18K yellow and white gold, encrusted with sparkling diamonds and luminous pearls. 

The four new collections will be available at a variety of fine jewelry stores across five continents, as well as at Yvel boutiques and online at www.yvel.com.

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