Four Never-Before-Seen Colored Diamonds Go on Display

Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum unveils an incredible gem-centered showcase…

On December 16, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles will unveil Diamonds: Rare Brilliance, said to be the most expensive collection the museum has ever exhibited. And the stars of the show are four exceptional colored diamonds never before been seen in public.

Each stone is owned by New York–based firm L.J. West and set in jewelry. Measuring more than 30 carats, the extremely rare Juliet pink diamond is a show-stopping pendant in a white diamond necklace. Equally exquisite is the 2.8-carat Argyle Violet diamond (the largest violet diamond ever unearthed at Australia’s Argyle mine), which resides in a ring encircled by pink diamonds. The luminous Rainbow necklace features a vibrant array of 88 pink, orange, and yellow diamonds; and the Victorian Orchid ring spotlights a rare 1.6-carat purple diamond. The three-month exhibit will be open to public through March 19, 2017. (nhm.org)

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