Front Runners August 2015: Diamonds Uncut

Sally Agarwal uses Polki diamonds in her new jewelry collection...

Photo by Amit Desai

In her new jewelry collection, the designer Sally Agarwal (sallyagarwal.net) uses Polki diamonds, which she favors for their luminous, softly tumbled look. The diamonds are left largely unaltered from the mine, so they have no facets, yet they are radiantly white. “Polki diamonds have their own natural, organic quality,” says Agarwal, who is based in London and launched her collection last year. “The stones are beautiful but not as showy as typical faceted diamonds, so I can use sizable shapes in my designs.” Her collection includes the $3,500 18-karat-gold earrings shown here, as well as more elaborate pieces that combine Polki diamonds with emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. 

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