Front Runners December 2015: Let It Snow

Photo by Lisa Charles Watson; Styling by Charles W. Bumgardner

“The snowflake is a symbol of beauty, purity, and peacefulness,” says the New York–based jeweler Mish Tworkowski, whose leisure time in Colorado has inspired the limited-edition series of six jeweled snowflake designs from Mish New York (mishnewyork.com). “I feel that modern women love to wear something very luxurious in a bohemian way,” he says, “and this is very true in Aspen.” Each numbered snowflake ($16,800 to $36,000 as shown) can be worn as a brooch, as a necklace on a vintage ribbon, or as a bracelet on a custom-made cuff ($6,400 each, sold independently). The snowflakes are available in white, yellow, pink, or blackened gold with white or black diamonds. 

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