Front Runners October 2015: Materials Witnessed

Photo by Lisa Charles Watson

Blackened titanium, meteorite, and roughly textured silver and gold are among the novel materials finding their way into men’s jewelry designs. David Yurman (davidyurman.com) has given the classic signet ring a modern look by designing it with black titanium and lapis lazuli ($550) and black titanium and meteorite ($795). The faceted metal band ring ($475) and matching faceted metal cuff bracelet ($595) are also from David Yurman. Alishan (alishanonline.com) offers the palladium-silver-and-diamond ring ($1,070, bottom left), gold-and-silver bracelet ($1,815, third from right), and rose-gold-and-silver bracelet set with a diamond and a ruby ($2,925, second from right). From Todd Reed (toddreed.com) are the silver-and-black-jade ring ($8,140), silver-and-green-jade ring ($6,820), and silver-and-black-jade bracelet ($2,530, far right). 

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