Front Runners September 2015: Gray Matters

Photo by Lisa Charles Watson

A uniform set of high-quality, richly colored gray moonstones is a rare find. The designer Katherine Jetter (katherinejetter.com) discovered the stones used for the necklace shown here (top, price upon request) at last winter’s Tucson Gem Show and paired them with a multicolored opal. The opal weighs 33 carats and is set in gold with red-sapphire accents. The moonstones weigh a total of 238 carats. “Gray is a sophisticated and elegant color palette in gemstones,” says Jetter. Other new gray-tone jewelry designs include this Vhernier Etoile necklace ($70,000, vhernier.com), which is made of gray agate, diamonds, and white gold, and these Lily pendant earrings from Larkspur & Hawk ($1,900, larkspurandhawk.com). The earrings feature white topaz that is placed over foil to create the gray color. The stones are set in black rhodium-washed sterling silver. 

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