FrontRunner: Art In A Box

Italian jeweler Paolo Piovan’s diamond pavé snake bracelet sinuously wraps around the wearer’s wrist before culminating at a large ruby head tipped with a yellow diamond tongue. Such flamboyance is a hallmark of Piovan (800.443.1479), who views his craft as a particularly challenging form of art. While some artists work with large canvases, Piovan and his peers, he explains, must create something that is wearable and confined to a small space. The jeweler does so from his hometown of Padua, Italy, where he operates a boutique and workshop, and employs 15 goldsmiths to execute his designs in metal forms with gems, diamonds, and oversize Tahitian pearls. A recent project, commissioned by one of Piovan’s regular golfing partners, consists of a ring in the shape of a golf ball covered with black and white diamonds.

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