FrontRunners: Anniversary Bouquets

Esteemed German goldsmith Wellendorff (+49.7231.284010, www.wellendorff.com) is celebrating its 110th anniversary in a very private way: with 60 invitation-only affairs at its premier jewelers around the globe. These special events mark the occasion by showcasing the new commemorative 110th Anniversary collection, featuring eight ring and three necklace designs, each limited to a mere 110 pieces. The collection’s floral motifs are reminiscent of the original designs created by company patriarch Ernst Alexander Wellendorff at the turn of the 20th century. “My great-grandfather started with the idea of a floral design 110 years ago,” says Christoph Wellendorff. “We took the original idea and updated it with today’s spirit and design, so the collection bridges a span of 110 years of European goldsmith tradition.” The U.S. tour begins on November 11 at Shreve and Co. in San Francisco. 

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