FrontRunners April 2015: Lucky Charms

Scarabs—gems cut in the form of beetles—originated in ancient Egypt, where they served as amulets. Now they are reappearing in a variety of colorful new jewelry designs. They include (clockwise from left) a labradorite scarab ring with rubies ($3,750) and an opal scarab ring with orange sapphires and diamonds ($18,600) from Silvia Furmanovich (silviafurmanovich.com; available at Stanley Korshak, stanleykorshak.com); a turquoise cicada pendant with diamonds ($19,750) from Sylva & Cie. (sylvacie.com; available at Mitchells, mitchellstores.com); and gray moonstone scarab earrings with diamonds ($15,450) from Sidney Garber (sidneygarber.com).  

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