FrontRunners: Mikimoto Regalia

Marking the 120th anniversary of when company founder Kokichi Mikimoto began producing cultured pearls, the Mikimoto Regalia collection (www.mikimoto.com) incorporates the largest and most beautiful examples of these gems in 13 one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. The lavish pieces are a departure from the brand’s usually traditional designs.

Mikimoto harvested the smaller, perfectly round Akoya pearls in the waters off Japan, and the large, baroque South Sea varieties off Australia and Tahiti. Though the collection’s designers found inspiration for the pieces in Mikimoto’s abundant archives, the vintage influence is imperceptible in such modern-looking jewelry. The series, priced from $45,000 (for pearl-and-diamond earrings) to $320,000 (for a necklace of baroque South Sea and Akoya cultured pearls with 15 carats of diamonds), is available in Mikimoto stores in the United States, Japan, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. Mikimoto plans to add more designs throughout the year.

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