FrontRunners: Money on the Line

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Apparently we humans are not the only creatures that hanker for jewelry. The Million Dollar Lure, created by Mac McBurney of MacDaddy’s Fishing Lures ( in California, consists of more than three pounds of platinum and 14- and 18-karat gold and is encrusted with 4,753 diamonds and rubies. McBurney, who does indeed offer the item for $1 million, sells most of his jeweled fishing lures and flies as collector’s pieces, but he insists that each one functions as advertised. During a fishing tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a marlin did not bite on a Million Dollar Lure but made what McBurney calls a “screaming pass by,” indicating that the lure caught the fish’s attention at least. “It must have been a female fish,” McBurney speculates.

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