FrontRunners: Spiritual Revival

BULGARI (212.315.9000) has turned back the clock and revived the colorful, bold, and graphic designs from the jewelers’ iconic 1970s collections. “The ’70s embodied an individualistic, exuberant joie de vivre,” says Nicola Bulgari, the company’s vice-chairman. “Women were defining themselves with fashion and jewelry that were outward manifestations of their urge to create their own distinctive, powerful, and provocative style.”

Known as Theme 2003, this limited edition compilation of jewels is the first of what will be an annual series of vintage-inspired collections. The 25-piece collection reflects the spirit of Bulgari’s earlier designs, with innovative combinations of stones and materials including green grossular garnet, mother-of-pearl, yellow gold, and diamonds incorporated in bold designs and abstract patterns. As was the case three decades ago, says Bulgari, “Today’s women want to wear distinctive pieces that are one-of-a-kind but extremely wearable. And they like jewelry that tells a story or has significant inspiration from past trends or moments in history.”

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