Gigantic 400-Carat Diamond Discovered in Angola

The nearly flawless diamond was unearthed by an Australian company and is valued at $20 million…

The nearly flawless, colorless diamond unearthed from a mine in Angola is the largest to ever come from the southwestern African nation and the 27th-largest diamond ever recorded.

Measuring about 7 centimeters long (about 2.75 inches) and weighing a little more than 404 carats (about 2.8 ounces), the diamond is classified as a Type IIa, a category of clarity that includes less than one percent of the world’s diamonds. Australian-based Lucapa Diamond Company’s Lulo Diamond Project excavated the gem in the northeastern province of Lunda Norte earlier this month. It is the largest diamond the firm has ever discovered. Though no details have been confirmed, the company does plan to sell the diamond, which is valued at roughly $20 million. (lucapa.com.au)

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